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About Toolatron

This is a FREE set of useful online tools. In previous years we have often used such convenient services at other websites. Some of those now charge for their services. So we decided to create our own - initially for our own use. And now we have decided to share these tools with you - for no charge!

Why free?

Of course in the real world - not much is really free. However you can access all of these tools without having to spend a dime (or penny). In return, we simply request that you stay on our mailing list (as a signed up member of this site) so that we can from time to time - email you with other offers, or details of other free services we offer.

Who are we?

We are Toolatron - which is a company owned (along with many other online companies) by the e-HQ Group Limited - based in the UK - operating globally, with server bases in London, and Florida. We are incorporated and registered at Companies House, Company Registration No. 14268611. We are also data compliant, and registered with the Information Commissioners Office, ICO Registration No. ZB362171

What else do we do?

Lots! We offer many other free services, and a good range of low-cost premium services. For more details, click on our 'more' link.

Updated on 5 November, 2022